Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second-Hand Finds 1

Today I was supposed to be writing my thesis (I’m a grad student), so I went to the the flea market instead. Oh, logic.
Here’s what I found.
An awesome metal sewing-box. My old one was ugly and unpractical and didn’t close properly anymore.
Two glass bottles. For some reason, one was 1,50 and the other 3 euros, even though they are both the same brand and from the same table. Oh, well, I wanted both. I’m going to use them for my vanilla essence, which currently is in a very ugly plastic vodka bottle.
A china cup that looks like a crumpled plastic cup, I thought it was funny. And 30 cents.
A leather bag. I liked the corner decals.
I think this is a some sort of wall hanging, or maybe a table runner. But for me it’s going to be a bag! If my camera hadn’t killed it, you could see it’s actually green.
There. Now some thesis.


  1. good bought, how much everything? if you mind telling

    1. The sewing-box was 2.50 euros, leather bag 3 euros and the wall hanging thingy 4 euros. So not much.


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