Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beet Blusher

I got my allergy patch test results recently and turns out I’m strongly allergic to Kathon CG. And it’s in everything. Shampoos, soaps, creams, make-up… It seems a bit daunting to buy all new products, not to mention expensive! Also, it has about dozen names that are used in cosmetics, so spotting it requires loads of research. So, for now my make-up consists of one Ben Nye eye-liner pencil. Yay. If anyone is, or knows someone who’s, allergic to it and knows of any products without it, please let me know!

Luckily, I run across this tutorial on the Velvet Bird, via Pinterest, of course. She makes a very simple liquid blusher from beets and glycerol. That’s all. There’s certainly no Kathon CG in that, so I jumped to it. And it is super easy. Only mistake I made was thinking “Oh, there’s 3 tbsp. glycerol that must mean there’s going to be 3 tbsp. blusher”, but of course the beets also extract juice. And now I have a cute little 3 tbsp. jar with blusher and another randomly grabbed big jar where I poured the rest. Well. At least I’m not going to run out, but the next time I think I’ll halve the recipe.


The blusher it’s very nice sheer natural purplish pink. Like a beet, I suppose… It’s easy to use, although I live in horror of pouring it all over my shirt, since it’s very liquid-y. And I’m messy like that. But now I have two make-up products, yay! It’s a start.

Bonus: Here’s a nice YouTube tutorial by Lisa Eldridge on applying liquid blusher. I couldn’t use any make-up for months prior to my patch test and seem to have forgotten all about it.


  1. I thought I'd do a update on Kathon CG, just in case someone with the same allergy runs across this post.

    Companies that I'm sure don't use it (they mention it on their web sites): Ben Nye and Amay.

    Companies I'm pretty sure about: Dr Hauschka, Lavera, Estelle & Thild and Welera. I also think Korres, but have only looked though a few products.

    I'm sure there are other companies as well, and of course all companies probably have at least a few products where it hasn't been necessary to use it. Those above are just the ones I've checked so far.

    If you know any others, please leave a comment, it would be a huge help! :)

  2. Hey :) I came here via your amigurumi cloud and thought I'd better study up on the girl ho came up with something so sweet. Have you looked at regarding free from pretty much everything products? I seem to remember they sell pigments to mix with any face cream of your choice (preferably theirs, you' d be hard- pressed to find better products imho) and create your very own make- up. My skin is ridiculously sensitive, but it responds very well to all things Lush. Ah heck, they should pay me for this comment, really! ;) Have a nosy, you might have a eureka moment. Not cheap, obviously, but worth it. I really hope you'll find lots of stuff to replace the products you are used to. Pinterest is great source, I can hardly remember the last time I bought any brand for any day- to- day need since discovering the might of the pin :D

    1. Thanks! I'll check that out. I think there's a Lush shop in Helsinki, at least, and you can always order online. My cosmetics are so basic right now, I'd love to get some nice smelling products. :D


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