Thursday, October 18, 2012

Painting the Kitchen

We moved into this rental apartment in June. The owners told us we could do anything except to a one bright green wall! The very wall we really wanted to change. Ah well. Other than that, the apartment has very neutral colouring, and there was nothing I wanted to change, with the exception of the kitchen. It was painted this brownish orange and had a white flower ornament painted on top of the door, neither was really my style.


Excuse the mess, we had just moved in.

Last month I saw on Pinterest (where else?) instructions how to make chalkboard paint by mixing 2 tbsp. of tile grout with a cup of any paint. Chalkboard paint is so expensive and I liked the idea of being able to choose the colour myself. I have only seen it in black and green. I picked the cheapest paint I could find and got into mixing.


After one coat. Already so much better.


And the finished product.


I’ve never painted anything, so I was so scared to start. But it was worth it. I think the kitchen looks cleaner, brighter and bigger. I’m so very happy with the result.

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