Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Way to Use an Old Thing

I bought this from the thrift store ages ago, for maybe 4 euros. I thought it was really fun thing to store fruits and vegetables in the fridge, but my boyfriend thought it was butt ugly.


Well, a friend of ours bought a board game called Arkham Horror, and the other night he came over with it so we could try it out. This game has gazillion different pieces. And it didn’t come with anything to organize them with. You know where this is going.



I just gave the dish a quick wash and dried it thoroughly and it was perfect. Every piece nice and neat and we didn’t loose a single one.

The game is awesome by the way, I highly recommend it. It does take a lot of room, our dining room table was barely enough to contain it all. In the above picture we haven’t even laid out the character info sheets and pieces yet. There are also several expansions for it. We might need a bigger table!


  1. Kätevä lokerikko. Isompi pöytä yhymm... jaaha.

    1. Pakattiin se sinne laatikkoon paperisiin muffinivuokiin, mikä toimi kanssa okein hyvin. Ei varmaan olla ostamassa pöytää lähiaikoina, mutta tuolit narisee uhkaavasti poikien alla, joten ne on ehkä jossain välissä uusittava.


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