Saturday, October 19, 2013



1. Can we just pretend it is still Autumn? Snow in October is indecent, even in Finland. The above picture was taken yesterday. I started to take daily walks last spring and fresh air every day has been so wonderful. I hope to keep it up through the snow, too.

2. I have actually managed to complete a few craft projects (including yet another blanket and a striped wreath) and I’ll be sharing them soon. It seems my craft projects are tied to the amount I spend on the sofa staring at the TV. I’ve mainly watched Sons of Anarchy or my boyfriend play GTA. It’s been oddly relaxing.

3. I finally got a smart phone (hence the picture above). I know everyone else has had one for years. But we went to Hong Kong and my father bought both my brother and me new phones (Thank you Dad!). So I might finally get an Instagram account, even though there’s no official app for my phone (Lumia) yet.

4. This post was mainly meant to get me back to blogging. Sometimes I  just don’t craft that much, so there’s nothing to post. But lately I’ve noticed I have several finished projects that just need to be photographed and posted. So those will be coming up soon! Thanks for reading!

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