Sunday, November 3, 2013

This Week


1. Jake still with his beard (and pizza!) before Movember started. With just his moustache I think he looks like somebody’s uncle. Only a month left!

2. I added wrist weights to my walks. I already wear a weighted vest of 9 kg. Can you tell I try to get everything out of my walks? I never run because a plastic surgeon said in the news a few years back, that he could always tell which of his patients run by the sagginess of their skin. Whew! That’s my excuse now!

3. Weekly sauna. We don’t have our own, so we use the shared sauna downstairs. We have it booked for an hour on Thursdays. Saturday would be more traditional, but there was no available time then. Nothing makes me feel so thoroughly clean as a good sauna.

4. I finished reading this book on how Mona Lisa became so famous. It was quite good. I prefer reading non-fiction in bed, because it’s interesting, but not gripping. I mean, I can put it down after 20 minutes or so and not read until morning because I must know what happens next. I’m looking at you Harry Potter.

5. Eating pizza in front of the computer and watching a new episode of Kill Arman. Although I had to stop eating, because there was quite a lot of talk about feces.

6. The snow is gone and it’s been raining a lot instead. I love rain, so all is good!

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