Sunday, November 10, 2013

This Week

1. Very autumn like weather this week, rainy and warm.
2. I made some actual food this week. We bought a whole salmon (with head and all) and I actually managed to cut it and bake it. I made mashed potatoes to go with it and it was delicious!
3. Jake had a Guilty Gear meet-up in Jyväskylä, so I spend the weekend by myself. Here he is leaving with the spare mattress, a suit case and an arcade stick. The best part is that you can sleep in the middle of the bed, the worst being slightly scared all the time.
4. I bought some random things this week: a fake spruce wreath for a DIY project, a small house shaped lantern (I want to collect a whole village of them), some sparkly silver nail polish and a pair of super comfy slippers.
5. New gum! The flavour is “Polka Mint” and it’s my new favourite. So good.
6. I love these Viidakkomuumi sheets. They are part of the Moomin line of Finlayson. They are quite expensive, but sometimes you see them on sale.


  1. Hei taas! Hyviä kuvia, kamera vai kännykkä? Muutenkin mukavaa tiedotusta!

    1. Osa kameralla, osa kännykällä. Kännykkä on kyllä kätevä, kun se on aina mukana, eikä tommoisisssa pienissä kuvissa laatu niin haittaa. Aattelin, että näitä on sit mukava myöhemmin katsoa, kun asiat unohtaa niin nopeasti.

  2. Näin saa tavallaan muistojen albumin:


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