Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Week


1. I thought I’d document this incredibly unhealthy and frankly weird grocery haul we did. I wish I could say that this was a rare occasion, but no, we pretty much eat this kind of crap everyday.  Future Riikka, I can feel your horror. Anyway, we bought (most of this was on sale btw): a packet of Dumle donuts, two ready made spaghetti meals, a frozen kebab pizza, an avocado, 15 eggs, 9 Tupla chocolate bars, laundry detergent, spinach, rosolli (a kind of cooked salad you eat at Christmas, I love it) a packet of chicken patties, two Magnum ice creams (white chocolate for Jake, almond for me), yarn (always yarn) and a cucumber.

2. I had a random fever on Monday, and felt a bit off for a few days. I drank a lot of Finrexin and vitamin-C. I absolutely swear by vitamin-C if you feel like you might be coming down with something. Blueberry is my favourite flavour, you can have it hot or cold.

3. They had put up the Christmas lights in front of our building. It actually looks kind of depressing, because it’s so dark, but once we get some snow I know it’ll look lovely.

4. There is chicken kebab available here now, and I really wanted to try it. It was raining quite heavily, but I managed to convince Jake that we should go get some. I got this wrap thing and was huge, the size of my arm, and so delicious. I managed to eat half and I’ll have the other half for lunch today. Can’t wait!

5. How do you take pictures of your nails? I’ve been loving this nail polish I mentioned last week. It’s Mavala Diamond Powder and it’s just so pretty.

6. Jake, with his lovely moustache, playing GTA. I made this larger cloud for a project my cousin is doing. I wasn’t sure it was the size she wanted, so I used Jake as a prop and send her this picture.


  1. Hei taas! On kyllä mukava lukea näitä postauksia,ja katsella kuvia. Ai taidan toistaa itseäni, mutta totta tosiaan. Oikein mukavaa.

    1. No mutta, on aina kiva kuulla, että kelpasi! Näitä on aika hauska tehdäkin, selata kuvia viikolta ja miettiä mitä tuli tehtyä.


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