Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Week

1. Jake finished with GTA and now he is playing Arkham Origins. I really like watching people play. I’ve been making a lot of pom-poms while watching, more on that later.

2. In the beginning of the week it got frosty and pretty. I really like this about Finland: well paved, quiet roads in the middle of forests. This autumn I acknowledged to myself that I don’t really care for music and got into audio books instead. I’ve been listening through all the Harry Potters. I just finished the last one and don’t know what to pick next.

3. Mid week, we got some snow, and the kids, or maybe the retirees, of the apartment building made a snow man.

4. I came home from ballet class and Jake asked if I was thirsty. He had bought me 12 cans of PepsiMax! We never buy cans, so it’s felt quite luxurious!

5. I’ve also started on glögg. It’s time. I love glögg. I don’t know if I should call it mulled wine, but it doesn’t have any wine in it, just juice and spices.

6. I ordered a bunch of different kinds of flavour and fragrance oils, empty lip balm tubes and bees wax. I’ve been making my own lip balm for a few years, but have never tried any extras. I got honey and vanilla flavour oils and a sweetener for lip balm making. And then some scent oils: cotton candy, winter wonderland, vanilla, honey, blueberry and honeysuckle. I already tested the cotton candy by mixing a bit into my fragrance free body moisturizer and while it smelled a bit odd in the original bottle it did smell just like cotton candy mixed in to the moisturizer. I can’t wait to experiment more!

7. It’s been a cold, snowy and sunny day. Fresh air is the best.


  1. Täälläkin on maa valkoinen. Tarvii huomenna ostaa glögiä meillekin. Äänikirjat, mahtava tuote ja rakkaan tekemisiä on aina kiva seurata! Kiitos taas.

    1. Ole hyvä! Glögi on kyllä hyvää ja tulee jo siitä pelkästään juhlava fiilis.

  2. Hei! Tein tänään sinun 15.11 blogiin laittamasi ohjeen mukaan Mustikkarahkapiikan, se on aivan ihanaa ja herkullista niinkuin sanoit. Nam.


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