Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Wish List


I have a few Christmas projects I’d  still like to share, but the days have been so overcast and dark it’s impossible to take bright enough pictures.

So instead, I though I’d make a little (imaginary!) wish list of things I’d like to receive this Christmas. None of these are things I need, just thought I’d fantasize for a bit. All of these are from my Wish List board on Pinterest.

1. Some kind of delicious smelling scented candle. I wish we had a Bath and Body Works here, their candles sound amazing!

2. Iroisie Soin Parfait BB cream. I had to give up all my make-up when I discovered I was allergic to Kathon CG. This sounds really good for a natural BB cream, and while I don’t really wear make-up everyday, it’d be nice to have some to put on on special occasions.

3. New sheets to start the new year with, like these fresh grey and white striped ones from Anno.

4. Patyka Biokaliftin remarquable cleansing oil. I use the oil cleansing method to clean my skin, and while sunflower oil works just fine, I’d love to try something fancier like this.

5. Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag. This a bit in right now (how horrible!), but it seems like a nice bag and just the right size for fitting in everything I need daily.

6. Cosy fur lined slipper shoes. I like these Ugg ones, but I’ve also been eyeing some from a Swedish company called Shepherd. I couldn’t wear them outside yet, but they’d be great once the snow melts. And they would be wonderful for travelling in! Cold airports and all that.

So there! And world peace.


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