Sunday, December 29, 2013

This Week - Christmas

This Week Christmas

I feel like this week’s pictures don’t really do justice to what a wonderful Christmas we had, but these are the pictures I took.

1. It was rainy and warm and snowless all the previous week, but then on Monday it started snowing and it was still snowy on Christmas Eve. We celebrate Christmas on the 24th in Finland. So we got a white Christmas after all. It all melted away on Christmas day.

2. I’m really happy how our Christmas turned out. I was complaining how I wasn’t feeling at all festive, until I realized that if I wanted something to happen, I should make it happen. And I did. We got a tree and hung up fairy lights, and I made a wreath, a snow lantern, a wintery pillow and some snowflakes for our windows. I also got a Christmas rose for our balcony. And I started a small collection of Christmas mugs. Now, I get jolly just thinking of pulling all of that out next December!

3. Jake worked morning shifts through Christmas, but after he got off on Christmas Eve we went to visit his parents. We had a lovely Christmas sauna and then a delicious dinner. I especially enjoyed the salmon and halloumi.

4. I made the dessert: banoffee pie. I also made these pecan chocolate chip cookies. Basically the two recipes I always make when there is a some kind of a celebration.

5. After dinner I went to visit the graveyard with Jake's parents. You can’t really tell by this picture, but it was pouring rain and we didn’t stay for long. The candles were making a huge hissing noise as rain hit them.

6. After we got home, I made Jake watch the Snowman with me, because we had missed it in the morning. The Snowman must be watched on Christmas.

7. I know presents aren’t supposed to be the thing about Christmas, but they are so much fun! I got some lovely ones, but probably the best was a book about Moomin amigurumi patterns I got from Jake's parents. It is amazing. I already started crocheting Hemulen.

8. As for Jake's presents, I made him this pillow that looks like a NES controller. I wasn’t sure if he’d like it or think it was lame, but luckily he really seemed to love it.

9. My cousin was visiting some family with her husband and two sons, and on Friday they picked me up and we went to do some shopping. We had a nice outing and I came home with a laundry basket (and other stuff). It’s weird how happy a good laundry basket can make you. Yep, I’m definitely an adult.


  1. Ok, mukavaa tekstiä ja viihdyt siellä tosi hyvin, kuulostat tyytyväiseltä, se on hyvä. Oikein hyvää uutta vuotta sinne.


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