Sunday, December 1, 2013

This Week


1. The snow melted away again in the beginning of the week. Then it snowed again, and now it’s snowing some more. I don’t really like winter (good thing I live in Finland!), but even in my book snow is allowed in December.

2. More sweets. I went to the store and saw that Kinder Buenos were on sale. It’s Jake’s favourite chocolate so I bought him 12. He got super exited and went back to get a whole box. We have a few chocolate bars here!

3. Jake and I have been playing the new Mystery Case Files. These are so fun to play together. Though we always fight on who gets to hold the mouse.

4. Jake bought the new Zelda game and has been playing in bed before going to sleep. He claims there is no volume control in DS. Right.

5. And I’ve been reading this book on Second World War. It’s very interesting and very horrifying. Jake was chatting with a friend of his who works at the library and I went to look for something to read. When I came back he asked if I couldn’t find anything thicker.

6. For a few years now (I don’t know how many), I haven’t really felt very exited for Christmas. I mean, I’ve wanted to feel exited, but haven’t. So this year I’ve decided to try my darnest to feel festive and exited. Operation Christmas Spirit commence! I’ve started some decoration projects, convinced Jake that we need a full size Christmas tree and bought some presents. And downloaded a few Christmas apps for my phone. I thought, even if I don’t get a full on Christmas this year, if I start now and add a few new decorations and traditions each year, in a few years I can just pull out existing decorations and feel festive by the power of nostalgia. I hope. Anyway, I’ve already finished a few projects and will be posting them soon!


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