Sunday, December 15, 2013

This Week


1. and 2. The weather has been zigzagging this week.  It’s been very warm and raining, and then cold and snowing on alternate days. This has resulted in some mighty slippery roads. I did a glorious flip on my bike and landed on my knees. A lovely picture of those, for everyone’s pleasure.

3. We went to see the second Hobbit movie on Friday. Jake got free movie tickets from work and we’ve been saving them for this. It was ok. I didn’t know Lee Pace was on it (I love Pushing Daisies), but his role was so creepy, even that didn’t save the movie for me. I did manage not to go to the toilet mid-way, which was a kind of a victory for me. And we got kebab afterwards, so it was a nice evening.

4. I got this mug as a thank you from our neighbours, for whom I did a small translation. That’s my professional career so far. Still, the mug is very cute. It’s the 2013 Moomin Christmas mug and the only festive mug I have so far. Very good for drinking glögg out of.

5. I wrapped some presents today and I hate to say this but I’m so bad at wrapping.  You’d think I could be decent. I mean, I craft, I crochet, you’d think I could work some paper and tape, or you know, make those fancy stylish packages with hand painted polka dots and pom-pom decorations, but no. I produce oddly shaped lumps with tape on odd places, because I accidently brush it against the paper then can’t remove without ripping the paper and have to leave it there. Merry Christmas, have a lump!

6. Jake skipped lunch at work to queue for PlayStation 4. 500 € that thing cost and there are practically no games for it either yet. It came with Killzone, so that’s what he’s been playing.


  1. Ei menny kaikki ihan putkeen tällä viikolla. Toivottavasti kaatumisesta tulleet kolhut on parantuneet. Minäkin toivon et tulis kunnon talvi ettei ois niin liukasta ja pimeää, 21:s päivä on talvipäivänseisaus ja siitä alkaa yö lyheneen ja päivä piteneeen, huraa.

    1. Ne on vaan mustemmat nyt, mutta eipä ne hirveesti haittaa. Liukkaus on kyllä ikävää.


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