Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Week

This Week

Christmas is almost here! The pictures this week are pretty boring, but I’ve just been doing Christmas shopping and some DIY gifts and don’t really want to post pictures of those yet.

1. Someone had put up a tree in the hallway. It looks a bit forlorn there by the fire extinguisher. I love the effort though.

2. On Monday, the advent calendar offer for our local store was 24 rolls of toilet paper and 16 rolls of paper towels for 10 €. I think it’s a mark of adulthood when you get exited about cheep toilet paper. I also pretty much run there the day they had laundry detergent on sale. Yep.

3. In addition to making those Hama Bead snowflakes for our kitchen window, I also made this Mario mushroom for Jake. These would make fun Christmas ornaments. Imagine a whole tree with them!

4. Speaking of Christmas trees, I saw this one on my walk the other day. Someone had tied it to street sign in the middle of the road. it was decorated, too. It was so out of place I had to stop and take a picture.

5. And the most important news of the week! We got fast internet! The best that has been available for our building so far was 8 Mb, and now we got 100. And a Wi-Fi. Now my phone actually loads pictures. It’s amazing.

Hopefully next week I will have more exiting stuff to share!


  1. Moro! Nyt et kerkeekään tänne, kun on nopee yhteys. Moikka!

    1. Enköhän mä sinnekin jossain välissä löydä!


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