Sunday, December 8, 2013

This Week


1. This week we celebrated the independence day, so most pictures are about that.

2. It’s getting freaking cold in here. I know, I’m Finnish, shouldn’t I be used to the cold? No. You have to get used to it every year and when it suddenly is 10 degrees colder than yesterday, you just want to stay indoors and whimper. Come spring, today’s –14 degrees will feel pleasantly warm, but now it’s excruciating.

3. I made a cream cake to serve on independence day and was terrified it’d be horrible, especially since this was my first time making an eggless cake. But everyone liked it! I know half the world seems to think a good cake is dry with butter cream frosting, but I think it must be an acquired taste. This is probably an acquired taste, too, but I like a cake moistened with orange juice (a bit like tres leches, only with juice), and layered with whipped cream, strawberry yam and banana slices, and topped with more cream.

4. We don’t own a car, so Jake’s grandparents kindly took me to buy a tree, so I wouldn’t have to lug it by foot. It took me well over an hour to fluff and assemble it properly, but it was kind of fun and the tree is so pretty. I put up just Christmas lights on it and will decorate it nearer to Christmas.

5. I had to include this picture, because my expression is kind of priceless. Jake’s parents and grandparents came over for coffee and cake on independence day and it was so nice.

6. After it got dark, Jake and I walked to the graveyard and it was so beautiful with the snow and all the candles.

7. I lit up a candle for those buried else where as none of my family is buried here.

8. In the evening I watched the president’s independence day reception. it was kind of boring, but it is traditional! And I had hot cocoa and Jake’s grandma’s cinnamon rolls to munch on.

9. On a none festive note, our local grocery store is doing this advent calendar thing, where everyday there is one item on a huge discount. On Friday it was mega bags of potato chips for 1 euro, but because it was a holiday, it continued on Saturday. And Saturday's item was 1,5 litre bottles of soda for 99 cents. We stocked up.


  1. Taas paljon hyviä kuvia ja mukavaa kerrontaa. Jouluinen tunnelma ja paljon juotavaa.

    1. Selasin noita taaksepäin, niin jo pari viikkoa sitten tapahtuneet alkaa unohtaa. Vuoden päästä kiva katsoa, mitä teki edellisenä syksynä.


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