Sunday, January 5, 2014

This Week


Nothing much this week, just getting back to normal.

1. The weather has been so odd. Very warm, almost all days are on the plus side. We did get some snow earlier this week, but it all melted almost straight away.

2. That’s our current washing machine on the left. The old one started making super loud noises and Jake contacted our landlady. She said the guarantee had run out and if we’d mind buying a new one for ourselves, that we could take with us when we move. So, we did. Only, it wont come for two weeks. I’m already running out of clothes, but Jake who owns a ton of clothes, including 50 billion T-shirts, is just fine. I don’t think I’ll make it.

3. I managed to slip, again, on my bike and mashed my right knee that hadn’t fully healed from the last time. Jake’s co-worker recommended this horse ointment, that she uses, not only for her horses, but for herself. I have to say, it seems to be working.

4. Since Jake worked all through Christmas, he’s had the past week off. We’ve been playing through the Deponia trilogy. It’s pretty good, especially all the huzzah’s.

5. I crocheted this phone cover for myself. I didn’t have one and was afraid the screen would get scratched.Just some scrap yarn, but I thought it turned out pretty cute!


  1. Jakeprkl!!

    Käskin sen kyllä "linimenttikauppaan", mutta sanoin sille että ostaa tätä:

    Selostin vielä pitkään ja hartaasti että minkä näkönen pullo, minkä värinen sisältö ja minkä nimistä :D

    (Ei sillä, Arnika on myös hyvää! Näitä ei meitsi laita hevosiin ollenkaan, ne saa puhdasta tenttua, mutta emännän itsensä hyllyssä on pullo Blueta, Arnikaa ja Asper Coolia)

    1. Joo, ei se siellä kaupassa yhtään osannu sanoo mitä piti ostaa :D Se jopa arveli, että vois olla pienessä purkissa... Mutta kiitos vinkistä, eipä ois tullu itelle mieleen, ens kerralla yritetään ostaa oikeeta! :D


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