Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week


1. The weather was at first so cold and now it’s been about -4 degrees for a few days. Ok. Horribly cold wind though.

2. I finally packed away the Christmas tree. I was going to say it was time, but I guess the time was a few weeks ago. So. Still, it was sad.

3. I’m stilling reading The Second World War before going to sleep and I’m not sure that it is such a good idea. Especially as things get very gruesome towards the end. Also, we watched the newest Hunger Games movie the other night and these two combined resulted in a glorious nightmare, where I was chased by both the Nazis and giant baboons. I think I need to find a happier book to read before bed.

4. This picture cracks me up. The A Beautiful Mess app is finally available for Windows phones and I had to get it (the first app I’ve paid for). I love the concept, and couldn’t wait to play with it, but I take such sh*itty pictures, the results are just funny. Haha. Anyway, on to the subject of this picture, Jake was all day yesterday playing GG with his friends and when he got home he brought this chicken kebab for me! I loooove it. And Jake. I thought it was funny how the packaging says “paras kebab”, which means the best kebab in Finnish and then has in English “good kebab”. Fair enough, I guess the standards are higher in English.

5. I had this chair in my studio when I lived in Tampere. But since moving here, it’s been in the closet because the screws were lost in the move. Well, I randomly found them the other day and after 1,5 years, the chair is back! I’m slightly apprehensive, because I found 4 screws and there are holes for 6. So I made Jake sit on it first.

6. Some thrift stuff. Blue plastic place mats that look pretty garish, but are for a DIY project that will hopefully make them pretty. A square glass jar. I'm trying to switch into glass containers for all food items, since plastic sounds so scary. Two small flower shaped pots, for holding little items. They are a weird beige colour, but I’m going to spray paint them white, as soon as it’s warm enough to paint stuff outside. And a really pretty lampshade, the picture doesn’t do it justice. I think I'll paint this white too.

How was your week?


I made this fancy “currently” bit to add for my weekly grid, then totally forgot about it, so adding it here. The inspiration is from rukristin, a lovely blog about Project Life.



  1. Löysit ruuvit, hyvä juttu sivu näyttää oikein hyvältä!

    1. Viimeinkin! Ne oli jostain syystä tuolla pyörätarvikkeiden joukossa.


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