Friday, February 14, 2014

Link Friday – Dog DIYs

I’ve spent the past week visiting my parents. They have the cutest little Tibetan Spaniel called Lili and I’ve spent most of my time here playing with her. So this week I’ll share a few dog related projects!


1. Pupsicle DIY Project. I really like this picture + paw print combo.

2. DIY dog art – paw painting. If you want to be a bit more artsy. I’m afraid with Lili this would make a huge mess as she has such a long hair.

3. DIY Dog Toy. Lili’s favourite toy is an empty water bottle, here’s an idea to make one a bit more aesthetic. With an old sock!

4. DIY: Holiday Doggy Donut Toys. Another sock project, and this could be made with any sock, so not necessary a holiday project. I’ll have to keep an eye out for fun patterns.

5. DIY: Doggie Bow Tie. Too. Cute.

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