Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Link Friday – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day isn’t actually celebrated in Finland in a way it is in many places. It’s just called “the friendship day” here and the most you can expect is a card. But it seems like such a cute holiday and there are so many lovely DIYs floating around, I couldn’t resist listing a few I would make if this holiday did existed in Finland.


1. DIY Anthropologie Valentine’s pillows. I love the simple design of these, and they are grey! My favourite colour.

2. Heart milk cubes. This is such a sweet, simple and fast DIY.

3. Heart shaped wreath. Well, what can i say? I can’t get enough of pom poms or wreaths. The colours are really nice too, with the white making it really fresh.

4. La La Love You Valentine Pillow. Simple and beautiful.

5. Love day pennant flags. Adorable. This is actually something i might do, as it’s not so tied to the Valentine’s day. Also, I think something like this would be so lovely in a wedding, maybe instead of rice?

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