Monday, February 10, 2014

This Week


1. The weather has been very warm and grey. And wet. And it is so nice, I feel like human again and not just a bundle of clothes.

2. I’ve been travelling around Finland this week, visiting friends and family. Travelling is so expensive, i think it’s better to do all the places at the same time. I’ve also managed to do some shopping. I’ve bought: drawing pads, a BB-cream (never tried, very excited to), an eye-liner with a pen like tip, a fabric basket, some mesh travel cubes, two very cute re-usable shopping bags with birds on them, an eye cream and two different face creams (they were buy two and get one free).

3. I haven’t been on the train since August and it was my first time ever paying for an adult ticket! I spent the time doodling and watching The Mindy Project, which I’ve re-discovered. I got into it last year, when on the 10 hour flight home from Hong Kong I watched all the episodes they had, and then the rest of the first season when I got home. I remembered it again last week, and I so love it.

4. Like said, I’ve been travelling. My first stop was at my cousins, where I spend two nights hanging out with her and her two kids, eating pizza and donuts and having a good chat. Then I spent two nights at my friends place. We did quite a bit shopping and drinking and watching the Olympics. She still lives at the city where we went to Uni, and it looked both familiar and different. It was nice to be in a city with a lot of shops. I had made a list of all the places I wanted to visit.

5. We also went to a place called Daddy’s Diner which has a cake bar. Those cake’s are so good. So. Good. Last time I got the pecan pie, this time I went with a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie, with extra cream. Yeah. So good.

6. My last stop is at my parents, and that’s where I’m now. Cuddling the dog and eating home cooked food and wondering if I really did live here and how small everything looks.


  1. Kiva postaus ja on niin hauskaa kun poikkesit katsomaan.

    1. Kyllähän minä, kun matka maksettin :P Mutta oikeasti, kiva taas olla täällä.


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