Monday, February 17, 2014

This Week

this week

1. I spend the week at the town where I grew up. I had forgotten how many birch trees and hills there are in central Finland compared to where I live now. The weather was very warm and wet. And Lili got quite muddy.

2. I spend most of my weeks with these guys. Aka Mum and Dad. Mostly here in the living room, but Mum and I managed to do some shopping and Dad and I visited a Kaj Stenvall exhibition, where the staff was very talkative and knew nothing about art.

3. Of course, we watched the Olympics as Mum really likes winter sports. From one couch to a next on this trip!

4. Dad introduced me to Guy Delisle’s graphic novels and I read four during my stay. They were very good, I loved all the little observations.

5. Here’s what I brought home from this part of my trip. Yarn and some knitting needles Mum didn’t need anymore. Dad had made me these awesome wooden book ends, I’m going to put them on my nightstand. I visited an old manor house that’s been turned into a shop with all kinds of fun little things. There I bought a small Yankee Candle in Orchard Pear, that I put in a honey jar from a thrift store (I thought it looked cute). I also got two sauna scents: honey and mint, and blueberry. Jake and I have pretty much established eucalyptus as our all time favourite sauna scent, but I thought these would be fun to try. Or possibly gross, but we’ll see. I also bought a egg frying mould thing, a round place mat, and a Lumene nail polish in 25 Little Miss from another shop.

6. When I got home, I found that Jake had bought three Moomin towels for me as a surprise! I love Moomins and these are adorable.


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