Monday, February 24, 2014

This Week

This week 

There are weeks when I take a lot of pictures. And then there are weeks when I’ve taken exactly …two. Ah, well.

1. We might be going to Florence next autumn! So I got myself Pimsleur’s Italian language course. Maybe I can learn a few words before the trip! I’d absolutely love to go to Florence. I studied art history at Uni and Florence is just full of art and history.

2. We made salmon again this week and despite buying an actual filleting  knife, I still pretty much butchered the poor fish. I think we wont be buying a whole fish again, as I just can’t seem to get enough meat out of it. Still, it was good!

3. And, on the craft front, I’ve been obsessed with an idea to make a pom pom flower bouquet, with pom poms that actually look like flowers. A lot of yarn wasted on practicing as seen above, but I’ll get there! And if I don’t it’s been fun anyway.


  1. Motivoivaa kielen opiskelua, matka Firentseen tiedossa. Kaunis kukkakimppu ja hyvää ruokaa. Mitä muuta enää kaipaakaan!


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