Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Week


1. It’s been something like the warmest spring for 50 years. It’s been around 7 degrees and there hasn’t been any snow on the ground for about a month. Until yesterday. Meh. Go away, winter.

2. Here’s where I go for my ballet lessons. It’s old and crumbling, but I like it’s derelict charm.

3. Because of little snow we didn’t feel like going out to get pizza, so Jake made spaghetti and meat sauce, and I had a frozen tuna pizza. Hah. As you can see, we very rarely eat the same food.

4. I’ve been trying to use up my stash of yarn and decorate at the same time. First thing I did was this crochet owl basket. I was inspired by the pictures here, but didn't actually buy the pattern.

5. speaking of crocheting, here’s a quick tip for you: if you need a round marker, a hair pin is perfect. Easily movable, stays in place, and lies flat. Also, dirt cheap and easily available.

6. I also made this chalkboard antler “painting”, instructions here. I already had a magnetic notice board from IKEA I had painted with chalkboard ages ago, so this project took maybe 5 minutes. Love it. And if I get bored I can just wipe it clean.

7. I've been obsessed with this sandwich. Two pieces of bread, with cheese, avocado and a fried egg. Put it on a pan and place a kettle or another heat proof heavy object on top and fry for a bit until the cheese melts. So good.

8. I also tried making those two ingredient banana pancakes ( two eggs, one banana), and they were ok. I could only taste banana, but they did look like actual pancakes! I topped them with peanut butter, more banana, and a bucket off cream. Haha, were these supposed to be healthy?

9. And the game of the moment has been Dark Souls 2. It’s very good, everyone go play.

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