Monday, April 28, 2014

This Week

This Week

1. We got a new TV. It’s huge. Two men carried it in, and the packet was almost as tall as me. Can I also mention that Jake updated his Facebook before telling me that he had bough a TV. Nice to learn little things like this from the Internet.

2. (The big picture). Here’s the TV on the TV stand I assembled last week. It’s just so freaking big. We had to move the couch back, too, as far as it would go. Nature documentaries do look amazing, I must say.

3. We still had the Christmas wreath on the door, so I thought I’d make a new spring one. I crocheted different sized daisies and some random leaves and tied them around a wire. It looked very fresh and delicate against the white wall, but against our old wooden door, it just looked old-fashioned. I’ll have to make something else.

4. I’ve been really loving this Moomin coffee jar Jake’s parents gave us. My old one didn’t fit a whole bag of coffee at once, which was getting on my nerves, but this one is bigger and much more practical. And awesome looking, too!

5. This new rug for the kitchen was on clearance for 10 €. The picture doesn’t really show it, but it’s a blue and white chevron pattern and is really nice and fresh.

6. And most importantly, for me at least! I got a tablet! It came free with the TV. I love it. I’ve wanted one for so long. Mmm, Candy Crush. But it’s also great for reading books, and I think it’ll be great for travelling. I wont have to lug my laptop with me anymore.

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