Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Week

this week

1. It’s actually hot and all the trees have pushed out tiny leaves. I should mention that if the temperature get’s above 20 degrees in Finland, its tabloid news. So “hot” might be a relative term.

2. I’ve been sitting on a gift card since last autumn. I really wanted to spend it on something meaningful and finally decided that I needed new trainers. I went for these Merrell Pace Glove ones. They are one of those “barefoot” type of trainers, that are supposed to be more natural. I don’t know. They do feel a bit funny when you are standing, like your heel is sinking in to the ground, but when walking they feel completely normal to me. Maybe the difference is more noticeable if you run?

3. The second purchase of the month was… Intuos Pen & Touch! I’ve wanted a drawing tablet for so long, and finally decided that if I want it, why not save for a few months and buy one? So, I did. I absolutely love it. I think once I learn to use it, I might like it better than pen and paper.

4. Jake’s cousin lend us a puzzle, and I happily spent a few days doing that. I love puzzles.

5. The craft project of the week were these hand bowls. Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. I didn’t paint them yet, and they look kind of nice in white. The left one is moulded after my hand and the right one after Jake's. I think they might look nice on our night stands.

6. And Jake bought me flowers! (for the first time ever) They are so pretty, and I love potted plants. It looks a bit heart shaped in the picture, too, hah.

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