Sunday, May 25, 2014

This Week

This Week

1. It was hot. HOT. Almost 30 degrees. That’s the melting point for arctic people. But the trees have full leaves now.

2. I didn’t feel like going outside much, so instead I cleaned like crazy. I don’t think our home has ever been this clean. I also made a new cover for my extremely ratty chair. So much better.

3. I did venture outside to see if I could find something to wear in the heat and manage to score this dress for 4€. It’s black with white polka dots and is both light and cute ( I think).

4. I also bought this curtain for 1,20 and promptly made it into a few summery pillows.

5. I also bought these candle holders. I think they are handmade. They were an odd blue green color, but only cost 1€ each. Few coats of paint and some beads later, they are looking much fresher. And my Yankee Candles fit perfectly in them.

6. We didn’t have any food and didn’t feel like going to the store. Hot, I tell you. So, Jake made spaghetti with minced meat sauce, and I ate it. I’ve been vegetarian since I was sixteen, but I guess not anymore. I feel like I should apologize to someone. So. Sorry!


  1. Hienoja tuunauksia kynttilänjalat ja tuoli, päällinen, mitä se on kangasta vai neuletta, hieno joka tapauksessa. Jopas jotakin liharuokaa, no hyvä vaan eli voidaan syödä samaa safkaa jatkossa, vai? Söpöltä näyttää mekko ja mies :). Moikka!

    1. Kiitos :p Tuolinpäällinen on ihan jotain ohutta puuvillakangasta, en tiedä kestääkö se kuinka kauan, mutta ainakin on paremman näköinen toistaiseksi. Ja joo, tuli syötyä, en tiedä kuinka usein jatkossa, mutta ehkäpä silloin tällöin!


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