Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2 Step Spice Rack


My spice cabinet has been a mess. It’s above the stove so it’s quite high, and I can only reach the first few shelves without a stepladder. It’s also quite deep and stuff tends to get lost behind other stuff.

I asked my father if a step rack was something he could do and a few hours later it was ready! My mother painted it white and I think it looks like a build in. I love it! Now I can actually see and reach everything! (Well, some rarely used stuff I placed on the top two shelves.)

I realized I actually forgot to take any pictures of the finished rack. I was in such a hurry to get this cabinet organized! But here are a few pictures of dad making it.




  1. Hyvin oot saannut mausteet järjestykseen, hyvä idea. Kyllä iskä tekee mielellään jos on tarvetta ja äitikin jos sille päälle sattuu.

    1. :D Kiitos, on tosi kiva kyllä ollut ja Jakekin tykkäs.


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