Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cushion Cover from a Flannel Shirt


Here’s an easy autumn decor idea: flannel cushion covers from old button-up shirts. All you need is an old shirt, scissors, and a sewing machine (or thread and a needle).


Firstly,you will need a men's flannel shirt. Men's, because they are usually larger (the larger the better) and won’t have those dart things to shape them. Mine is from the thrift store. There was an offer for 3 shirts for 1€.


Take it apart along the side and shoulder seams, remove the pocket, and the arms and the collar. You are left with the front piece with the buttons (button them up) and the back piece.


Place an old cushion cover (for the cushion you want to cover) on top of the front piece, pin it in place and cut along the edges leaving a small allowance all around. The allowance will depend on how much space you have along the sides, mine was only about 0,5 cm, but if you have more space you can have a bigger allowance. Repeat with the other piece. If you have wiggle room, you can try to match up the pattern, but mine was a pretty tight fit, so I decided not to worry about it.


Place the pieces against each other right sides facing, pin together and sew along the edges. Don’t leave any openings.


Finish the edges with a zigzag stitch to keep them from fraying. Unbutton the buttons and turn the cover right side out.


Insert your pillow through the button up part, close the buttons and voila! you are done!

Cosy flannel cushions.


This was such an easy and cheap project. One cover cost about 33 cents. And I really like the result. I think I’ll keep my eyes open for more plaid shirts!



  1. Siis koko kokonaisuus, sänky tyynyineen ja peittoineen!

    1. Kiitos! Katotaan mitä saadaan sit uudessa kämpässä aikaseksi :)

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