Tuesday, January 27, 2015

After Christmas Sale

I was going to post about this in early January, then thought it was already too late, then went to the grocery store yesterday and saw that they still have plenty of Christmas stuff for sale. So I guess it’s still current.

Most of my Christmas decorations, except the tree, have been bought after Christmas. It’s just so much cheaper that way. Everything is usually 50-70% off, sometimes even 90%.


All of this has been bought either on sale after Christmas or second hand.

Obviously this is not a good tactic if you don’t have any decorations before Christmas (if you’ve just moved out on your own for example), but for adding to existing decorations it’s the best. I mostly stick to the silver-red-white-evergreens theme to keep everything cohesive.This year I bought:


A fabric advent calendar. It’s light blue, so it doesn't’ really fit in with the theme, but I thought it was so cute. It was originally 25 €, and now just 12€. I've been wanting an advent calendar I can fill myself, and finally found a nice one.


Two fake evergreen trees. I thought the looked pretty realistic. 2,50€ each.

I also got the two big silver baubles shown on the first picture, and the the two small wreath ornaments, for just a couple of euros.

And if you aren’t yet sick of Christmas foods, they are usually on sale too.


Glögi for 50 cents a package! The expiration date was in march too, so I stocked up.

I’m usually ready to eat a bit healthier after the holidays, but Jake thinks it’s the best time to get candy, since it’s 50% off. Hence we also now have 7kg of Geisha chocolates.

2014-12-29 09.12.13

Oh no…

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