Friday, February 20, 2015

Kitchen lamp

We have bit of a dark wood and white theme going on. Mainly because this house has dark floors and window frames, which we aren’t going to replace. And I like white.

I bought this lampshade a year ago at a thrift store for 4€. I really liked the flowerlike shape and thought of hanging it in our dining room. But never got around to doing it. Too technical for me.


Last summer I did manage to paint it white. And then when we moved here and were a lamp short for the kitchen, my father got it up in a bout five minutes.


I love it. It’s a bit old fashioned, I remember something like this from the eighties, but I also think it’s very pretty and the white makes it fresh. It also throws very lovely shadows on the walls and the ceiling when it’s on.


And it goes with the theme.

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