Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quick doorframe fix

When we were looking for a house we didn’t want a fixer upper. We aren’t that handy and didn’t want to have to do a lot. The house we ended up buying is in a good shape and doesn’t need anything major. But it does need a lot of little touch ups.

One of the first things I wanted to do, was to do something about the door frames. The previous owner had a dog and I guess it had scratched or gnawed on the frames, so that they were missing bits and the paint had chipped of.

023   021


I opted for a quick fix and just painted over them with white paint.

003 002

So much better. It’s not perfect, but unless you squat down to see, it’s not really that noticeable. The whole place looked instantly cleaner and brighter.


I’d like to paint the whole doorframes and the doors at some point, but that’ll have to wait for the summer, when I can open the windows for ventilation. For now, this’ll do.

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