Monday, March 16, 2015

A few things for home

While visiting my parents I went to Ikea with my father and to a local shop called Löytötex with my mother and I picked up a few things. I’d like to think I got good things, things I will use and that’ll give my pleasure. But, time will tell.


First a got some fake flowers. Now, I have to say I’m not a big fan of fake flowers, they do feel a bit tacky to me. But I’m not really a huge fan of fresh flowers either. They seem like a waste of money. A few days and they are dead.

Also, while I love our home’s color theme of white, white and more white, I have lately been feeling that a few pops of color could freshen things up a bit.

And, I feel like the fake flowers nowadays don’t look so fake as they used to.

That was a long ramble to say I got a bouquet of peonies.



And six pink tulips. Both were from Löytötex.


1,90€ each

From Ikea I got these small plastic bins. We ate meatballs at Ikea (the gravy was amazing!) and at the dining hall they used these to keep all the cutlery, condiments etc. I think these will be useful in the kitchen. There were also larger ones, but I wasn’t sure I could transport them home on the train.


2,99 each

I also got some cutlery. We already have some of these and they are my favorite. They are a nice weight and I love the clean simple shape without any extra decorations.



And last, but not least: I got a sheep skin! It’s so soft. And beautiful. And lovely.

When I got home I showed it to Jake and told him I was happy because I’ve always wanted one. He said he’d never known I did. Whereas when I showed it to my mother, her first words were “Wonderful, you’ve always wanted one!”. Haha, mothers know.


24,90€, cheap!

Also, Lili, my parents’ dog, loved the sheep skin. Once I got her to stop trying to bite it, every time she came up to my room, she’d instantly jump on to my bed and lay down on it.

IMG_7558 (1)

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