Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Currently working on – a honeycomb blanket

Every time I finish a blanket I think “never again!” And yet…


Here we go again.

But this time it’s not granny squares, or crochet! I’m actually knitting something.


Each cell is worked in a round, which will make this quite a thick blanket. I’ve also seen these filled with polyfil for puffier look, but I thought flat ones would make a more useable blanket.


It’s just so nice to do something that is a at the same time small (each honey comb cell in this case), and something big (the final blanket).

Don’t ask why honeycomb, by the way, I’ve just been weirdly obsessed with honey and bees (and honeycomb), lately.


Contrary to what you’d usually want to do with a yarn project, I made an effort to buy from different dye lots. I really like the subtle variation from one cell to another.

I still have no idea how to join all these when the time comes. I really hope I’ll find a way that looks good and doesn’t ruin the whole thing. Any ideas?

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