Monday, March 2, 2015

White walls

When we lived in our previous apartment, a rental, we had the most horrendous wall paper. It wasn’t big patterned or colourful (except in one room, mine), but it was this pale 80’s wallpaper, which had a pattern you find mostly in old men's long johns. I used to dream of the day I’d have my own house and I could have pure white walls.

So, my number one priority when we moved in to our new home, was to get rid of the wall paper and paint all the walls white.


The worst one was what is now Jake’s game room. It had this hideous burned orange wallpaper going on (above), and my parents spent a good day ripping it out.


And another few painting it. Isn’t that like a completely different room?

028 036

There was also a brown entry, which we painted grey. Mum vetoed white as too impractical, with all the muddy shoes and clothes. It’s ok, I like grey too.

WP_20141118_028 087

The bathroom was painted with the same brown colour, and painting it white made it feel so much cleaner and bigger.

035 004

There was also panelling of light wood in the kitchen with had been left unpainted, and it clashed horribly with the dark window frames and floor. It was painted white.

There were also a few pale purple accent walls (behind my bike mess, on the right). The wall in my room was painted white, but the living room still needs to be painted. But it also needs new crown moulding, so we decided to leave it for later.

All the other walls are now white! I just love it. I think it’s going to be my new motto: when in doubt, go for white.

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