Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!


We had several little Easter witches, or trulli, at our door this morning. In Finland kids, dressed as witches, or sometimes as cats, go from door to door, giving out willow branches decorated with feathers and receiving candy in return. A sort of like trick or treating in America on Halloween.

Everywhere else in Finland the trullis went around last Sunday, but for some reason around here in Ostrobotnia they go around on Holy Saturday.

I did notice that some kids looked more like Harry Potter type wizards instead of the more traditional colorful witches. Times change.


We gave out Geisha and got several pretty branches.

Jake is allergic to willow, so we couldn’t have them inside. So, instead of putting them in a vase I stuck them on out door wreath. I thought it looked very festive.


  1. Hyvää pääsiäistä! Mahtava idea laittaa "vitsat" kranssiin.

    1. Kiitos, samoin sinne! Joku oli siihen yhden laittanut, niin laitettiin sitten loputkin. Kävikin paljon virpojia tänä vuonna, kerrostalossa ei käyny melkein ollenkaan.


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