Friday, July 31, 2015

in July

  • I feel like there were about two days it didn’t rain.
  • Our fridge broke and we got a new one, and a new freezer, too.
  • We got a Moccamaster, it really is very good. Mmm, coffee.
  • I travelled to Cambridge.
  • I almost got a 20 000 step day on Fitbit, 19 634, gah!
  • I did get 2048 on 2048.
  • Jake spend a week at a meet-up playing old Nintendo games and caught a cold.
  • I binge watched The Honourable Woman in two days.
  • We had our fences taken down, hopefully they’ll be replaced, too.
  • Jake bought himself a Batman bathrobe and for me a Jedi one. My life is complete.

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