Monday, August 31, 2015

in August

  • The days were warm, and the nights cool and most importantly, dark. I just find it so hard to sleep in the summer when the sun just refuses to set. August is definitely my favorite month!
  • For the first time, we really appreciated having a yard. Maybe because…
  • We got a giant trampoline! Sooo much fun. But Jake threw out his back jumping and had to stay home for a week on sick leave.
  • Jake also hurt his little finger badly (not on the trampoline), there was an audible crack. Luckily it wasn’t broken, but it was black and blue for a long time.
  • Our red currant bush made a nice amount of berries, which I picked up and froze for the winter. Also one of the blueberry bushes my parents planted in the spring made four berries!
  • I met a friend from art school I hadn't seen in about 10 years for dinner and we had a lovely catch up.
  • I went wild blueberry picking with some neighbours and was eaten alive by mosquitos. But I did get some blueberries for the winter.
  • We went to the beach for the first time since I moved here! And I swam for the first time in years. It was super cold, but so nice.


  1. Vai teki mustikka neljä marjaa, hyvä niin, ensi vuonna enenmän!

    1. Jep! Ja toivottavasti ens vuonna tulee vadelmiakin!


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