Friday, August 28, 2015

Two valets

My old valet on the left, the new one on the right.

I've been thinking a lot about getting rid of things, ever since reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpBut I wasn't thinking about it when I got a new valet. It just sort of happened.

I remember when I got my old valet, I thought it was the perfect one. So many pockets and places to put things. How I could organize all my cards and carry stuff like stamps and an extra hair tie. I loved it, so I wasn't thinking about getting a whole new one.

What I was thinking was that I’d like to get a smaller additional valet for those occasions when I don’t want to take my handbag with me, when I’m just running quickly to the store or when I want to take some money with me for a walk.

So, I got one.


It has just room for my debit cards, drivers license and some money. That’s it.

No bonus cards, no library card, no insurance card, no union card, none of the eleven cards I was carrying with me. And it turned out that was enough.

I haven’t used that new valet just when I don’t want to carry my big one. I've used it all the time.

And I love it.

Yeah, maybe occasionally I’d like to go to the library and I don’t have my card with me or maybe there is a great offer and I don’t have my bonus card with me, but actually, I've used my smaller valet for three months now, and those occasions have not yet happened. I haven’t once wished I had more with me.

So, I guess that old valet is destined to be the place where I keep all those cards, for the off change I’ll sometimes need them. But, mostly, I don’t think I will.


  1. Minäkin tarvitsisin uuden lompakon, kun kulmat kuluneet kuin joku ois syönny. Ehkäpä saan joskus sen aikan kalannahasta. Ne kun ovat olleet jo toista vuotta hyllyllä pölyttymässä. ps.joko turvaverkko on hankittu :) Terveisin!

    1. Ei oo hankittu. No, haluutko ton mun vanhan? Eikö se sun entinenkin ollut multa?


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