Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Small Christmas Thrift Haul

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? I hope not. These are just quick photos snapped with my phone, because I realised that if I try to take good photos, I never post at all. Dark background and bad lighting, yay!

I went to the Red Cross thrift store. They already had all their Christmas stuff out. It was mostly tacky Santa Claus figurines and old tinsel, but I found a few things.

I got these two berry manchettes (is that the correct word? things you put around candles) and a cute doily (to be used under things? I guess? I’m working on it). They weren’t prised, but when I got to the till the lady there said is 10 cents a piece ok? Sure was.


And here are the manchettes taken a part. I’m thinking of using them for decorating Christmas gifts. Like this.


I also got these two metal trees for 50 cents. They are very eighties (the black background doesn’t help), but I thought the might look good as gift tags. Maybe against white wrapping paper and some natural twine?


And lastly these pinecone ornaments. I thought they were cute. I think I’ll just keep the two silver ones and donate the yellow and the blue one back, since we have a silver-red-white theme going on with our tree.


That’s it. I’m slowly, but surely working on our holiday decor. A few bits here and there. Most of our decor so far is either from thrift stores or from after holiday sales. I like it. It feel somehow more meaningful to collect it bit by bit.

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