Wednesday, November 4, 2015

In October

I’ve always liked October, mainly because I have my birthday then! Jake took me to dinner and bought me a cake. <3 I’ve been so obsessed with the owl mug I got at Cambridge, I bought myself another one as a birthday present. Mmmm, owls.
Jake also got me this Väska shoulder bag. He said it was my combined birthday and Christmas present. I LOVE it. I think it’s so beautiful. It’s real leather and has a sort of minimalistic design, so I hope it’ll age well and I’ll still be using it as an old lady.
I took a nature photography class and a Photoshop class. I was really looking forward to both, in the hopes that it would improve my pictures, but was a little disappointed, especially with the photography. They were both held by the same guy and while the program said it’d go through all the basics, it was very cursory and I just felt lost. Boo.
There were a few nights with northern lights. I love northern lights. And these were so vivid and pretty. I spend a good hour on our backyard, trying to get some pictures. This was the best I could do, even with my new photography skills. Clearly I still need practice.
Jake had his birthday as well. He hates fuss, but I made him this banoffee with a bat signal. He loved it. You can’t go wrong with Batman.
Jake bought the new Guitar Hero game. I tried it once and got super mad. I had to go for a walk to calm my temper, which resulted in my first 20 000 step day. Yeah! Fresh air cures everything.
The 2015 Moomin winter mug came out, and of course I had to go and grab it. I now have one from the past three years. From left to right: 2013, 2014 and 2015. In a few more years I have a nice collection to pull out every winter!
As I’ve mentioned we don't really celebrate Halloween in Finland, but that didn’t stop me from making myself a witches hat. I found this super easy tutorial and just whipped up on Halloween morning while watching Nightmare before Christmas. I also made this naked cake, with a plastic polar bear on top. A polar bear I made a little robber's mask for. Why? Because Pinterest, that’s why.
And last, but not least. We bought a new stove, microwave and toaster for the kitchen. We’re going with stainless steel theme. And, yes, the electric kettle is a rebel.


  1. Heipä hei! Mukava ja mielenkiintoinen postaus ja mahdottoman siisti keittö! (Luetaan, oispa mullakin)

    1. Kiitos! Mutta tunnustettakoon, että tossa hellalla oli paistinpannu jonka nostin pois ja kuvasta on myös taktisesti rajattu pois kaksi Arnoldsin donitsilaatikkoa...


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