Thursday, December 31, 2015

The End of the Year Ritual

I came across this concept of having an end of the year ritual on an episode of Gretchen Rubin's podcast Happier (with Drew Barrymore!) a few days ago and was instantly drawn to it. The idea is very simply just to have a ritual to finish the year, that provides a small closure, as you move into the next year. Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth provide examples of different kinds of rituals you can have, but there were a lot of good ideas in the comment section, too.

Here's what I decided to do.

1. Throw away everything excess in the kitchen.
That is, everything expired and everything we don't actually eat. For example, there were quite a few things from my low-carb phase last summer, such as coconut flour, that I'm just not going to eat. There was also porridge rice that had expired in 2014. Yikes. And also some condiments that we haven't touched in months. Bye. I would have felt bad tossing them (well, not the expired things), but somehow thinking "this is a ritual, I'm making room for the new year" made it OK.

2. Clear my email.
I cleared out everything. I thought at first I'd go through every email, and see if there were any important ones, or ones I'd like to save, or pictures people had send me. Then I decided that they couldn't be that important or I'd already saved them. And pressed delete all. It was scary before I did it and then wonderful once I did. Whatever there was, it's gone. Clean slate.

3. Take a picture of important objects from the year.
Favorites, mementos. The commenter who presented this idea called it "a yearly time capsule". I pretty much just went around the house and picked up everything that reminded me of 2015, and spread it all on the living room floor. I wont go into details, but here is my picture.

Happy New Year!


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