Monday, January 11, 2016

A Huge Thrift Haul

My intentions seem to be split between simplifying and de-cluttering, and scouring thrift stores for new treasures. I'd like to think that I'm more intentional now at picking things that are useful and necessary, but as you'll shortly see, this is not the case... But! These did "spark joy" à la Konmari, so possibly they too are serving a purpose?

These were not bought on one trip, I wish! But one item here, one item there. And several trips where I found nothing in between. That's the way with flea markets.

I was at the Red Cross second hand shop (my favorite) with Jake's grandmother and she convinced me to buy this salt lamp on the left (for 5€) and now I'm obsessed. I keep it at my desk and it gives out the most beautiful rosy glow. So, the next time I went I grabbed a salt votive holder for the living room, and it's like a flowing jewel when it's lit. Now, I'm on the lookout for more. I definitely want one for my bedside table. And the bathroom. And Jake's room. Maybe the kitchen.
Wooden box for 6€. This was a bit expensive in my opinion, but I don't have any drawers on my current desk and I really wanted something in which I could hide all the miscellaneous nicknack's that litter my desk. You know, lip balm, eraser, notepads... It's handmade and I fell in love with the simple design.
Pencil holder for 0.40€ and hair tie holder for 0.80. That's what I'm using them for anyway. I'm really into natural materials at the moment. I especially like the holder, because you can't see inside it, so it keeps my hair ties accessible, but out of sight.
Linen curtain for 4€. It's one of those folding curtain things, but it is missing all the bits to make it actually fold. But I bought it for the material really, it's a big piece and linen can be quite expensive.
Tin tray for 2€. Well, I confess I don't know what to do with this, yet. But I'm sure I'll figure something out. I just really liked the look of it. And you can never have enough baskets and containers, I always think.
Which leads us to this tree bark basket for 3€. I thought this was amazingly cheap. It's a good size and baskets can be quite expensive, even at flea markets. And tree bark baskets are surprisingly hard to find for a traditional Finnish item. This would be perfect for magazines, if we had any.
These two stainless steel bowls. I've been on the look out for something like this, for baking and such. The plain one was 1€ and the one with the little handle was 1.20€. I just love that little handle. Worth the extra 20 cents! I'm sure I drew some odd looks in the shop delightedly demonstrating to my self how to pour imaginary stuff from the bowl while holding the handle. Happy times.
Four table mats at 1.40€ each. These are originally from Ikea, but as there is no Ikea near me, I was happy to find them. I'd like to have six total, so I'm on the lookout for two more.
A wooden cake stand for 2€ and a wooden plate for 1€. I've been looking for a wooden cake stand, because frankly, they are all over Pinterest and Instagram and I wanted one too. So, there. Super happy about that. The plate is handmade, I think.
Well, now we are getting in to the area where you are welcome to judge me (if you already haven't).

Two of these elves. I bought one for 2€, then found another one later for 1.50€. Clearly, I had to buy them both. They remind my of the book Gnomes. I was going to paint them white like this (I can't help it, painting things white is what I do), but then started to hesitate. The paint job on them isn't that good, but if you don't look at them too closely they are kind of cute. So they get to stay as they are. For now.
OK. So. This happened. An angry ceramic bear. It was 4€ and I couldn't leave it there. Well, I did at first, then hurried back to buy it. I have a feeling our glass cabinet in the living room will eventually turn into a cabinet of curiosities for the weird things I drag home. But isn't it nice to have that possibility?

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