Friday, January 22, 2016

No-Buy Month

Now that I've gotten those hauls out of the way, I'd like to announce I'm going to do a month long spending freeze! I think it'll do me good. The idea is basically to not buy anything except the bare necessities for a month. 
An un-realted picture from my daily walk.
I've actually done this before years ago when I was in Uni. I did it to get my spending habits in check and kick-start saving money. I was pretty much spending every cent that came into my possession. On things I had to have, of course. I intended to do it for a month, but ended up doing the entire summer. I was quite pleasantly surprised with how easy it was once I got started. And it really was very helpful. I've been thinking of doing it again almost every year since, but just haven't for some reason. I can't really explain why.

I have gotten much better with my spending habits since. I save a bit every month and don't just spend everything I have. But I feel like I could do better. As I've been de-cluttering, it's been quite sobering how much stuff I've accumulated. 

I think not buying anything for a while will be good for me. Hopefully I'll learn to appreciate the stuff I have more, learn that I don't need to constantly shop. Or rather, think about shopping. While I try my best to buy just few good things, and make informed decisions on what I bring into my home, it's really a quite a time waste browsing shops, doing research on weather I should by this top or this one, or that face cream or the other one. I'm definitely a maximizer. It drives Jake nuts how much time I spend umming and ahing over things. Days or weeks, sometimes years. It would take less head space just to buy the thing. I think it'll be good to just stop for awhile, and not even browse those web sites or visit the flea markets.  

And really I have enough. I'm not lacking in anyway with I have right now. So I'm going to just stop here for now.

There are several variations of no-buy month, some people don't buy anything, but stock up on food etc. before hand and then just use what they have and if they run out they just do without. Some people don't buy anything new, so for example thrift stores would be OK.

For my project I've decided to follow these rules:


  • Basic foods (that is, foods we eat everyday, milk, bread, meat, potatoes etc)
  • Necessities: medicine, toilet paper etc. ( but only if I run out and need a replacement immediately)
Not allowed:

  • Treats (no cookies, candy, crisps etc)
  • Non necessary items (but this top is on amazing sale! no)
  • Flea markets
If I feel like I need something besides necessities, I'll write it down and when the month is over I'll buy it. If I still want it. I think this will be interesting to see.

Hopefully this will cut my browsing habit as well. And instead of buying, I'll hopefully get to doing things.

I think people usually do this for a calender month, for example February, but once I got this idea I wanted to start straight away. So I'll just do it for a month starting NOW.

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