Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Skincare Update: Sensitive + Eczema

I wrote about my skin woes in January, I think. Basically: dry, red, sensitive, eczema... You can read that post if you want the specifics. I've been making some changes and it's better. Not perfect, but definitely improved, so I thought I'd give an update on what I've done.
Like I mentioned then I've been interested in making a switch into more natural products. I like the idea of making my own products, and some I do, like lip balm and oil cleanser. But I have a very sensitive skin and especially the skin on my face does not react well on home made products. I think it just needs something more.

So here are a few products I've tried.

I started using a toner. I have tried a toner before and my skin hated it. It was one of those types that you put on a cotton pad and wipe your face with. My face does not like any rubbing. The product was all wrong too probably. This time I tried a spray and it's been great. I spray it on my face then apply moisturizer while my face is still wet. I'm not sure why I didn't think to try this before. I mean this is what I already do with my body. By my dermatologist's advice I apply body moisturizer after I shower without drying myself to avoid rubbing and irritating my skin. Using a toner on my face has had the same effect, my skin has definitely been less red and irritated. I'm currently using Suki concentrated clarifying toner and I love it. It's gentle, effective and smells great.

I also switched to a different cleanser. I love oil cleansers they get your skin clean without need for rubbing. I used to make my own, but it was just too harsh for my skin. I decided to try Tata Harper nourishing oil cleanser. It is expensive, but it came highly recommended. I have to say, it is pretty amazing. This alone caused a dramatic change. My skin used to be just painful after showering (I wash my face in the shower), but now it's just soft and not red at all. It feels like a much lighter oil than my home made one. It cleanses great, but is also easy to wash off. Also, smells nice. The price is the only downside for me. It's almost run out (sad face, literally) and I'm not sure I can justify buying another right now.

I finally found a natural deodorant that works for me! That's nearly a miracle. A friend recommended Lovefresh natural cream deodorant and it's just perfect. It's baking soda free so it doesn't irritate my skin. It lasts all day. I'm not a big sweater (underarm anyway, now my upper lip is a different story), so I can't really comment how that holds. But I definitely can't smell any sweat. I'll just pronounce this the best natural deodorant, right here. There are several different scents available, but as peppermint and tea tree are some of my favorite scents I got that. There's also a slight earthy (clay?) scent, but it you can't smell it once it's on you. To me it just smells so fresh and nice. 

So there. I'm still on the lookout for a serum, conditioner, eye cream and facial moisturizer. I've tried a few, but haven't found the right ones. Well, slowly, but surely, right?

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