Monday, May 9, 2016

Thrift Haul

Hey, another thrift haul!

 As always, these were picked up over several weeks, well months really, in this case. After purging a lot of stuff last year, I've tried to be a lot more intentional about what I bring home. I've tried to concentrate on things I love and  need and use. But I still love browsing flea markets and thrift stores, even if I'm not buying that much.
Another salt lamp, 6.80€. Bit on the expensive side, but I went in there to look for just this, found it and just grabbed it. Good thing too, because I haven't seen another one since. It sits on my night stand and I use it when I read in bed at night. It gives a nice warm glow that doesn't affect my sleep like a cold blue light would. It doesn't give out much light, but I mostly read books on my tablet now, and as the screen is lighted, it's just perfect for a cozy atmosphere.
Glass measuring cup, 3€. As you know, I've been trying to reduce plastic in our home, so I was so happy to find this. It has both liters and pints marked on it. I have a smaller one of these, too, with liters and cups. They are great if you do recipes from the internet, no conversion needed.
Stainless steel bowl, 3€. I'm pretty much obsessed with stainless steel right now, haha. I have two big bowls and three small ones, this one is somewhere in the middle. So good for baking and cooking prep.
Arabia bee bowl, 7€. This a bit on the useless side (and expensive), but it was just so cute. Useless in the sense that I have no fixed use in mind for it. I'll figure it out. I've really been wanting to try out making my own beeswax candles and wouldn't this look good as a container for one?
Small metal scoop, 0,40€. OK, so. Another Pinterest inspired purchase. I keep seeing there these homes with a big glass container of flour or whatever on the kitchen counter, and in them one of these little scoops. And it looks so cute. So. Yeah. I bought it and put it in my flour container. It made me feel like I have my life together.
Short fake fir garland, 1€. I'll use it for something next Christmas, I'm sure.
Linen bath towel, 2€. Mmm, linen, my love. I was so excited to find this. It seems to be a promotional towel for a sporting event, but I don't care. It's linen! I haven't yet decided if I should use it as a bath towel or make it into three tea towels.
Salt tea light, 2,90€. Yeah well, I like salt lamps now. 

So, there, that's it for now! More when I've amassed another collection of weird things.

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