Saturday, May 13, 2017

One little word

My word for 2016 was FLOURISH"to grow luxuriantly". And I got pregnant and had a baby. That alone was some major flourishing for me. 

This year I chose as my word


defined as "to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition".

Having a baby is rough. And amazing. This year I have no grand plans. I just want to take the best possible care I can of us. This means I'm not going to push myself at all. That sounds like quitting, but really isn't. I just want to concentrate on the moment, this only time my baby girl is tiny, to enjoy things as they unfold, without hurry and stress. 

Some things I have in mind

No dieting. I give myself this year to recuperate from pregnancy and giving birth, gently. I'm breastfeeding so I want to eat the best possible food for my baby, and myself. And that includes eating plenty of it.

Making traditions. I think family traditions are so important for a child. I have very fond memories of different holidays and want to offer her the same. Obviously she wont remember this first year, but it's something to build on, and there will be photographs.

Making home. There are still a lot of things I'd like to do in our house after two years of living here. I want get them done. I don't want to look around and feel annoyed about unfinished things. I want things finished, so I don't have to expend anymore energy thinking about them. Also, de-cluttering. Still so much stuff just sitting in the closets.

Taking better care of myself. I've neglected myself lately. I feel like I've woken up from a six month long sleep to find myself in old, worn out clothes covered in spit-up, my hair in a messy bun (and not the good kind) and bags under the bags under my eyes and my body stiff and achy. And my posture, my posture is horrendous. I'd like some new clothes, figure out how to do my hair, develop a skincare routine that works, and maybe even wear some makeup every once in a while. And while I don't have any hurry to get in shape (whatever that means), I'd like to not maybe slump so much.

So that's it. I'm not going to push myself to learn new things, but will follow my interests. Do things for fun, not because I have to. Obviously there is stuff I need to do, but you know, not to develop myself extra projects and unnecessary stress. There will be no list of new years resolutions, I'm just going to do things as I feel good. Hopefully there will be less stress and hurry.

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