Sunday, May 7, 2017

Recent Favorites

Here are nine things I've been enjoying recently.

1. Bamboo knitting needles. I mentioned these recently, but I'll say it again, these are great. Unlike with metal needles, dropping stitches is almost impossible with these. I've been crazy into knitting since getting these.

2. Luonto+ yogurt. After emerging from the seriously sleep derived newborn phase to discover that I really should take better care of myself, and not just relay on sugar and coffee to keep me standing, I've tried to reduce my sugar consumption to a minimum. I just feel so much better when I don't eat sugar. So instead of reaching for a chocolate bar (Jake keeps hoarding candy, and it's so hard not to eat any) I've been eating these yogurts as a sweet treat. They have no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners either. Just fruit and fruit juice. My favorite is the weird sounding raspberry and beetroot. It is actually  really good.

3. Organic Shop beauty products. Natural beauty products that work and are affordable. What. But it's true. I'm now using their Moroccan princess shampoo, avocado & honey hair mask (my hair is very tangly and dry, so I just use the mask as a conditioner) and the pink lychee body cream. Love.

4. Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast. I recently got back into listening to podcasts. They are great to listen to while the baby is napping and I'm pottering around. Happier is one of my all time favorites. I really like Gretchen and Elizabeth's personalities and voices (very important on a podcast) and they have such interesting actionable topics.

5. Pokémon Go. Jake and I started playing this last summer when it came out, and we played for hours. I do't care what anyone says, I think it's great exercise and bonding time. Now, I play it a lot more casually by myself. I go for a walk with the baby everyday (lest I go insane), and have organized our walk so that it passes four Pokéstops... But it's fun, and something for me to do while she naps in the stroller.

6. Weather warming up. I'm so done with winter. Winter is my least favorite season anyway, and this winter being cooped up inside with a newborn was just... NOT fun. I'm so looking forward to spending time outside, without having to bundle up a million layers.

7. Blackout curtains. With spring, here up north, come the white nights. We've had blackout curtains in our bedroom forever, because I can't sleep without them, but now with a baby we have them in every room. Our room, the baby's room, living room, kitchen. The house is dark at night.

8. Robot vacuum. This has been such a game changer. Jake was in charge of vacuuming in our house and he wasn't vacuuming as often as I'd liked, especially now that we have a baby that spends a fair amount of her time on the floor. So, rather than listen to me nagging, he bought a robot vacuum. I run it almost everyday while we are on our daily walk, and it still gathers so much dirt and dust, I don't know how we managed without it before. You have to be very diligent about picking up everything that the vacuum could get stuck to, because if it does get stuck it'll beep there until you come and move it, but other than that it's great. I could also tell about my love for our mop, but I'll save that for another time.

9. Grandparents! Jake's parents live on the other side of a small park from us, and for the last few months have taken M. for a few hours almost every Sunday. That's where she is now. This has enabled Jake and I to do such things as go out to eat, watch a movie uninterrupted, have a conversation. It's been pretty amazing. M's grandparents adore and spoil her, so win-win all around!

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