Monday, August 28, 2017


Oh August, my favorite month. The days are still warm, but the night are cool, and most importantly dark. I'm not a white nights person, we have blackout curtains on every window.

August means also that the berry season is here, and I love berries.

At this time last year I was heavily pregnant and couldn't go, so this year I made sure to get some berry picking in my life.
First, I went picking wild blueberries with a neighbor. Wild berries are abundant and free here in Finland. You just tramp into a forest and pick away.
This is the cleaning operation. Worst part are the spiders you accidentally pick up along the berries. I froze most of these for the winter.
We have a huge red currant bush on the yard and I've been collecting and freezing those too. Then a neighbor offered that I could pick their bushes as well, since they don't eat them. So, now we have a ton of red currants.
We planted a raspberry bush on the yard two years ago, last year it made about six berries, but this year we've gotten several dozen. I have high hopes for next year! Raspberries are my favorite.
The neighbor I went with to pick blueberries, went again and because I couldn't go, had picked me all these blueberries and raspberries!

So, now we're pretty much set for berries! At least, our freezer can't take anymore. And yes, I'm thinking about getting a bigger freezer.
With those left over, I've made two of these berry quark pies. So yummy.
And juice! I'd never before made juice. Made me feel like a real homesteader! Maybe next year I'll try my hand in making jam.

I might still go pick lingonberries once their season starts and try making lingonberry juice, but we'll see. Pretty happy with this so far!

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