Friday, December 1, 2017


I'm so exited for Christmas and the whole December!

I got this cool wooden train toy advent calendar for the Kiddo from Lidl. Lidl has the best stuff for cheap. They are very good quality too. 

I scored a huge box of Brio toy train set parts over the summer from a thrift store and these should be compatible with them. We opened the first one today and I mean the Kiddo just turned one and I was definitely the more exited, but she seemed to get the idea. At least, once I'd opened the flap for her and she could see the toy. Which I promptl took away from her, it was kind of small... Hah!

I haven't had an advent calendar for years, but for the kiddo I had to get one. I'm really looking forward to making some other traditions for us. And yes, I mean making traditions as we have pretty much none.

So far I have (not in order):

  • having an advent calendar
  • decorating the tree
  • and getting one or two new ornaments each year
  • and collecting a new one for the Kiddo too
  • making paper snowflakes for the windows
  • making a gingerbread house
  • having rice porridge (more like a pudding) for breakfast on Christmas Eve
  • visiting the graveyard on Christmas Eve (makes sense if you are Finnish)
  • celebrating the Independence Day
  • new pajamas for Christmas
  • a family puzzle for Christmas (once she is older)
I'm sure i'll come up with other ideas. But I really like the idea of doing things rather than Christmas just being about stuffing yourself and getting a pile of junk, I mean, gifts.

Speaking of gifts, not sure what to do about them yet. I don't want to get her an overwhelming amount. We'll have to see.

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