Monday, January 1, 2018


I've changed quite a few products so I thought I'd share what I'm currently using. The previous post can be found here

I find it really hard to say if something is working, I just know if it's not, if you know what I mean. If I get a rash or spots or my skin feels tight, then the products are obviously not working. But I don't really see any wow effects with products, like all my wrinkles have melted a way or something. My skin is fine. No spots, no redness, no dryness, nothing like in this post. So I guess, it's working? Obviously, it would be great if the crows feet would just go away! But this seems to be just fine.

On to the products! The ones I love underlined again.

  1. Evolve Hyaluronic serum Just started using this. (Bought it for myself as a Christmas present, as one does.) I've heard so many good things about this, fingers crossed!
  2. Evolve Daily renew facial cream Smells so bad, like some poisonous plastic from the 80's. I've just been using these two for a week or so, so can't really say if they are worth the hype but nothing averse at least (except the smell).
  3. Ekopharma anti-age sea-buckthorn toner This one is gel, which is weird. But ever since I read about the Korean 7 part skincare method I've been all about the toners. I now use two. I thought this would be good to press in your skin, since it wont run away, but it doesn't really seem to sink in, like a more liquid toner.
  4. Ekopharma moisturizing raspberry toner This is a spray. It says not to get it in your eyes, which kind of bugs me. I like a toner I can liberally just spray all over my face. I use this one first and then the gel one.
  5. Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream The same as before, like I said the pot is huge. It's not like I'm a new woman, but it's fine.
  6. Now Foods rose hip seed oil I used the Antipodes rose hip oil, but this is a lot cheaper, and I really can't tell a difference. I apply it at night after my toners.
  7. Avril oil cleanser. Really liked the Avril mascara, so decided to try something else from them. My home-made oil cleanser, I mentioned last time, left a film of oil on my face, which made applying toner difficult. But this is oil at first and then just washes right of. It's great. Avril is very affordable, too. This I'll probably re-purchase.
  8. RMS "un" cover-up foundation. I seem to have left this out last time (even though it was pictured!) Love it! I use it more like a concealer on areas where I need it: under eyes, around my nose. Great for dry skin.
  9. Terre d'Oc argan body moisturizer Got it as a gift, the smell is a bit odd, but works fine.
  10. Uoga Uoga brush + eyliner Same as last time.
  11. Avril Volume mascara Ditto.
  12. Now Foods castor oil I heard this might make your eyebrows and lashes grow, so I've been spreading it on them with an old mascara wand. Not sure if it's doing anything, but I'll try it out for awhile.
  13. Organic Shop algae and clay shampoo The Lavera shampoo wasn't working for my fine limp hair, so testing this one. Not my favorite and probably wont re-purchase, leaves my hair a bit too dry.
  14. Sante Brilliant Care Hair Conditioner Still in love.
  15. Less is More Mascobadogel. Still loving.
  16. Less is More elderflower salt spray. This smells so bad, like pee. I had to add a couple of drops of peppermint oil to make it usable. After that, it works very nicely! It gives my limp hair some texture. But next time something better smelling. 
  17. Schmidt's Sensitive Skin Deodorant Stick Tea Tree Yep, still working, still loving.
It occurs to me, that these might be the most unhelpful skincare posts ever, since most of the products are just "OK"! But that's my honest opinion! I really wish i could find "perfect" products, but for now I'll keep on looking.

Recommendations welcome, as always!

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